We provide the following categories of assistance:

Rental Assistance

Housing assistance is provided in the most economical and practical way. The Trustee will pay for only basic shelter expenses. Application fees, rent deposits, late fees, renter’s insurance, damages, furniture rental, or maintenance costs are excluded. Verification is required.


Assistance with essential utilities will be provided in order to prevent loss of service. Utilities include water, gas, and electric. The Trustee may also assist with wood, coal, propane, or fuel oil. The bill(s) must be in the applicant’s name and for the applicant’s current residence. Verification will be required.


Bloomington Township maintains a food pantry for township residents. There is no need to complete an application to participate. Households may pick up food every seven (7) days.


The Trustee may assist with prescriptions, insulin, and emergency dental care.


If the deceased resident is without resources, and does not qualify for Medicaid or VA burial benefits, the Trustee shall assist. Unless there is a prior objection made in writing by the deceased individual or a surviving family member, assistance will be for a cremation.


Transportation may be provided for employment or medical purposes. Travelers aid may be provided to non-residents seeking to return to their legal residence.

Requirements for Assistance

  1. Must live in Bloomington Township. If you are unsure if you are a resident, call our office at 812-336-4976.
  2. Must have proper picture identification
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age
  4. Must cooperate with the Township’s investigation of your circumstances by providing information and signing an application
  5. Must apply for any and all other public assistance programs for which you may be eligible
  6. Must seek assistance from your family

Am I a Bloomington Township resident?

To be eligible, you must be a resident of our township. Check the map, or add your address in the link below (on desktop). If you prefer, call us at 812-336-4976 and we can look it up for you.

To be eligible, you must be a resident of our township. Check the map, or if you prefer, call us at 812-336-4976 and we can look it up for you.

Bloomington Township Area

How to Apply

1.     Call our office at 812.336.4976 to schedule an appointment with a township assistance coordinator.

2.     Complete an application packet which you will receive from the township assistance coordinator.

3.     Return the application to the township assistance coordinator per the deadline prior to your appointment.

4.     Participate in the interview with your township assistance coordinator.

5.     Review the decision letter from the Trustee, make note of any referrals given to you, and follow the guidance.

6.     If your request is approved, the Trustee will issue a purchase order for the amount of assistance.

7.     Workfare will be assigned as a requirement of the assistance unless the applicant is employed full-time, is disabled, without childcare, or has any other documented reason for not doing so. 

Office Location

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