Representative Payee Program

Bloomington Township recently added another Social Security Administration (SSA) beneficiary to its Representative Payee Program. 

Started in the fall of 2022, the Representative Payee Program provides financial services to permanent Bloomington Township residents who require assistance managing their Social Security, disability, or SSI benefits to pay essential life needs.

Sometimes SSA beneficiaries are unable to manage their own finances. This could be due to declining memory with aging, a learning disability, mental health challenges, substance abuse difficulty, a traumatic brain injury, or other medical condition. Family and friends may not be available, or they may not have the time or skills to successfully handle their loved one’s finances.
Providing representative payee services is a great way to help our neighbors stay safely housed, keeping the lights and water on, and providing a weekly discretionary spending amount so that money is available but not wasted or lost.
When a beneficiary no longer has to struggle with financial decisions, he or she can focus on living life successfully and doing what is possible whether that is being a supportive friend, a loving grandparent, or a good pet owner. He or she can focus on health and healing. Families can rest assured that their loved one’s money is professionally handled and the bills are paid.   
If you or your loved one could benefit from this service, please contact us with the beneficiary’s address in Bloomington Township, the type of SSA benefits he or she receives, and the present financial situation. We look forward to discussing this with you to see if we are a good fit. 
Call 812.336.4976 to ask for more information or to make an appointment with Kay Young, the Representative Payee Program Administrator.